Dieter Heinze

Dieter est un allemand amoureux du blues et s'il joue de guitare, de la basse, du tambour et de l'harmonica, il a débuté comme batteur.

Il a mis quelque peu la musique de côté pour s'investir dans son commerce puis il est revenu à sa passion en 2006 et sa rencontre avec Pete Gere (non, pas Richard), un excellent guitariste, l'a conduit à former le Payback2blues jusqu'à ce que Pete s'en aille voguer vers d'autres cieux.

Depuis lors, Dieter se produit en solo et joue « son » blues !

Payback 2Blues, ein Name ist Programm. Gib dem Blues was ihm gehört. Tief im Blues verwurzelt, von vielen Künstlern beeinflußt, dennoch nicht in einer Schublade zu finden. -------------


Payback2Blues, just the art of live. The roots of his music you find in the blues, but he's at home in all kind of music. He want to enjoy the music and his live and hope you enjoy it, when he plays his songs. --------- Dieter Heinze, playing all kind of guitars, also bass, harmonica, drums, etc. Writing and producing songs. He started as a drummer, playing in different bands. From Dance-music till Rock and Blues, he played it all. Long time he was the bass-man of the Backstreet-Blues-Band. After a time as stand-alone and guest-musician in any bands, he prefer to play guitar and study recording- and midi-technic to bring his own recordings in a good condition. In this years, he make his graduation for the master of his trade in Motorcycle-Mechanics and leading his own MC-Garage, the music had to stand back for a while. Since the middle of 2006, he started again with making more music and go back on stage. Then he meets Pete Gere, a exellent guitar-player, who prefers playing the 12-string-guitar. Born and grown up in Leipzig, a music-art-center of the eastern Germany, he played with famous bands like Renft. Now he's living in Lüdenscheid, (Sauerland), a town near Cologne and Dortmund, for almost two decades. So they played in various locations and tried to play in a local rock'n roll band, but that was not their musical homeland. So they found their own band-concept. the...............PAYBACK2BLUES.................... After two years of playing music together, Pete stopped his engagement in this concept and so, Dieter is playing the blues again, and alone. Did he get the blues ? PS: Thank you, Pete, for the wonderful time.

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