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Blues Rock Guitar 21st Century Blues Rock executed with twangbanger normal and bottleneck slide guitars. The abuse and the raw power create a sonic landscape that spotlights the talents of Gerry Joe Weise. Singer and accomplished songwriter, he has written more than 80 tunes, some of which have had radio airplay. To sum things up, for the last 3 decades, Gerry Joe Weise has performed amazing guitar at festivals and concerts around the World. (John Douglas, Blues Magazine)
21st Century Blues Rock executed with twangbanger normal and bottleneck slide guitars. The abuse and the raw power create a sonic landscape that spotlights the talents of Gerry Joe Weise. Singer and accomplished songwriter, he has written more than 80 tunes, some of which have had radio airplay. To sum things up, for the last 3 decades, Gerry Joe Weise has performed amazing guitar at festivals and concerts around the World. (John Douglas, Blues Magazine)
Australian guitarist, Gerry Joe Weise had been living in the South of France for 5 years before going back to Australia. The tracks on this album composed by bluesman Gerry Joe Weise have both fire and power, ignited by his 1963 L-series Stratocaster and 1960 Sears Silvertone.
Showcasing "Slidewater Cajun" with his trio live in Paris, featuring cosmic slidework. "Long Train Blues" a soaring electrifying experience, taken from the concert opening for the legendary Yardbirds. "Who's Calling? Crocodile River" where Texas meets Australia's Northern Territory; and tunes even more Australian in style, like "Ned Kelly Outlaw" a solo deep and blue about bushrangers catching a fugitive. "Down In Sydney" a soulful acoustic solo performed live, opening for The Scorpions in front of 7,000 people at the Zenith in France. (Guitarist Magazine)
A rockin' Friday night was given by Gerry Joe Weise and his accompanists : Peter Cole (John Lee Hooker, Peter Frampton) on the Fender bass, and Rody on drums. Weise played normal and slide guitar, behind his back, on the stage floor, with two slides on his left hand : playing behind and over-the-guitar-neck. A bunch of groupies were gathered around the side of the stage, captivated by the Australian guitarist's scene presentation. Gerry Joe played many of his compositions, the ever popular "Broken Hill Blues", "Long Train Blues", "Dreamtime Shuffle" and "Slidewater Cajun", and songs by, Hound Dog Taylor's "I Just Can't Make It", Lonnie Mack's "Satisfy Susie", and Jimi's "Voodoo Chile". (Hani Thelmas, Blue Zine)
The 9th Chicago Blues Festival Tour in Europe. An explosive, scorching atmosphere was at the packed out Palace, in a homage to the Kings of the Blues. One hell of an evening orchestrated with feeling by the touring musicians of the Chicago Blues Festival. In front of a huge ecstatic audience, Luther "Houserocker" Johnson (vocals, guitar) and fellow bluesmen had a genuine success that night. Tight rhythmic boogie, blues and Chicago shuffles, performed in the traditional vein, as they kept a good sense of humor going. Especially Jerry McCain (vocals, harmonica), and fellow Americans Chick Willis (vocals, guitar), Kip Anderson (vocals, piano), T.K.Lively (bass). Leather jackets were swinging, Santiags were tapping and blue jeans were dancing. The spectators were hypnotized as the music seeped through their ears and hearts. By the end of this exceptional musical evening, the punters begged for more, as the fans savored every last minute of these treasured blues. The audience were simply on cloud nine. Gerry Joe Weise, the support act, inflamed the Palace hall, heating up the spectators with his well played mix of compositions, arrangements and classics. Gerry Joe really knows how to play them blues. A great performance by the rhythm section, and a "bravo" to Gerry Joe Weise's stage performance done with gusto. (Est Republicain Newspaper)
The 20th San Francisco Blues Festival Tour in Europe, known to be a festival of sophisticated blues-rock, accustomed to a West Coast lifestyle and appealing to a modern-day blues audience, arrived in town. First on stage was Gerry Joe Weise from Australia and his trio. They "blistered the blues down" as Gerry Joe produced a quantity of excellent blues licks and solos, played on his Stratocaster along with growling vocals; as the members of the San Francisco Blues Festival looked on with smiling approval. At the end of the concert, they asked Gerry Joe Weise to come up on stage for a series of jam-sessions with the West Coast alumni. The Bobby Murray Blues Band backed up or literally illuminated : the vocalist-guitarist Maurice McKinnies in Buddy Guy style, the rockabilly frenetic blues of guitarist and vocalist Ron Thompson, the soul guitar of Freddie Hughes, and the wailing harmonica blues from Big Bones. Saturday night was the last date of the tour, so there was quite a bit of a party going on and off stage. (Union Newspaper)
The 12th Amiens Jazz Festival with Buddy Guy, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Stephane Grappelli, Mike Stern, Bob Brozman, Bireli Lagrenne, Gerry Joe Weise, closed it's doors last Saturday night, to a satisfied audience. Buddy Guy is not only a legendary guitarist, he is a generous and warm-hearted bluesman. There are nights so blue, that even the cats on tin roofs pretend to be Howlin' Wolf under a golden Moon, crying out "Riding In The Moonlight", and tapping their tails in rhythm on the zinc gutters. Those nights are electric with sparks, hypnotising, and true blue. That was just the case when Bob Brozman stepped up on stage, dressed elegantly in a tailcoat, vest and crocodile boots. He played traditional blues - "Love In Vain", crazy boogies and calypsos. The hall was reaching the boiling point, when half an hour later Buddy Guy and band hit the stage. The legendary Chess Records studio guitarist had backed Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson and Big Walter Horton. The Chicago legend became famous in Europe thanks to the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, who were Buddy's cult fans. His thick voice gave lots of feeling to his first class performance on guitar. What a showman! His clowning capers on the microphone were very captivating. By the time Buddy Guy came to "Johnny B Goode", the crowd just went wild. It wasn't easy to perform after Buddy Guy, but the Australian bluesman, Gerry Joe Weise and his trio came on stage just after midnight, as Gerry Joe strapped on his guitar. His energetic guitar style, produced scorching blues licks, likened to that of Buddy Guy's intensity. Gerry Joe Weise's forte is his honest bluesman approach. The night was hot and sweaty, which measured up well to the expectations of all. (Philippe Lacoche, Courrier Picard Newspaper)
The Blues Night with Joe Louis Walker, Matt 'Guitar' Murphy and Billy Branch. The Vic-sur-Cere concert hall was boiling over, bubbling with all ages, as a large crowd gathered. The event advertised "The Blues Night". Hanging onto the low stage protection barrier were the early concert-goers with only elbow-room. Gerry Joe Weise performed the blues on his National Triolian resophonic guitar from the 1930's. Alone he possessed the art to "rock" the venue. "Sing it louder!", Gerry Joe called to the audience, and the crowd acting without restraint, let themselves join in the entertainment. Afterwards Gerry Joe Weise strapped on his old 1960 red Silvertone electric guitar and plugged it in, as his drummer and bassist walked on stage. By then the whole concert hall was singing along with the band. Gerry Joe Weise, a virtuoso on the guitar, entertained and played power blues, while their fine song arrangements never left anyone indifferent. "It's just great, it rocks!", called out delighted fans. At 11.00pm it was time for Gerry Joe Weise to leave the stage for the next trio formation : the "Acoustic Blues Summit", with lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Louis Walker, Matt "Guitar" Murphy (Blues Brothers) on guitar, and Billy Branch on Harmonica. On stage a more relaxed traditional blues were performed. Some members of the audience, closed their eyes taking them back to the roots, as Walker, Murphy and Branch played them to perfection. Several legendary tunes echoed down the hall, blues that were played way into the night... (J.M.Peyral, Centre Hebdo Newspaper)
The Yardbirds Reunion Tour. Gerry Joe Weise had just recently arrived in Europe after an extremely successful Australian Northern Territory Tour 2000/2001 of 49 concert dates. To kick-off the European tour, Gerry Joe Weise was invited to support the legendary Yardbirds at the brand new concert venue in Castres named "Lo Bolegason" in the local Occitan language, which literally means "Bowl of fresh air". After the Yardbirds and Gerry Joe Weise Trio ritual of going to the restaurant for the evening meal, they were ready for the rock'n'blues and psychedelia! When Gerry Joe arrived in southern France, he called up his old Brit-mate, drummer Keith Boyce from Savoy Brown & Heavy Metal Kids fame. Boyce and bassist Jean-Paul Lopez (ex. Otis Grand) were pounding it out on stage as Gerry Joe Weise played blistering blues licks on psychedelic arrangements. Gerry Joe was inspired that night, and so were the Yardbirds who were preparing for their World Tour. Yes when the Yardbirds set foot on stage, you were immediately transported back to the 1960's. The legendary tunes played by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, were executed by Gypie Mayo (ex. Dr Feelgood) on guitar and the original Yardbirds members : Jim McCarthy and Chris Dreja (who recently toured Darwin like Gerry Joe). The lucky audience that night were treated to outstanding early British Blues, by the classic Yardbirds, Gerry Joe Weise from the Commonwealth, and his musicians who have played in U.K. bands. The evening was carried high under the slogan of being "genuine". (Julie Veraz, Blues News Magazine).
Staying with a big guitar sound is Australia's Gerry Joe Weise. He has put aside traditional Australian instruments (didgeridoo etc.) that had given his former album great color, to concentrate more on vocals and guitar. Fans who enjoy heroic guitar solos under control, will enjoy the treatment. Many great arrangements, plus an interesting contemporary approach to the acoustic guitar. (Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag Magazine)
30th Jimi Hendrix Experience Commemoration. The two groups billed for the night were Gerry Joe Weise and More Experience. Original Experience bassist Noel Redding was special guest, arriving very cheerful, did a short soundcheck, and then went off with everyone at 6 p.m. to unveil a commemorative tablet of the first Experience concert in presence of the City Mayor. The concert got off to a great start with a packed audience of 1,000. Gerry Joe Weise opened on stage with a "Hear My Train A Comin'" guitar solo leading into a fiery "Voodoo Chile". Two originals followed, "Inside Outside", a fusion instrumental number inspired by Hendrix, and a ballad called "Southern Cross", played as Gerry Joe explained to the audience, that every guitarist has his own "Little Wing". He reflected that it was a little scary on stage because you could feel Jimi's presence in the air. "Purple Haze" with a drum solo came next with "All Along The Watchtower", "Freedom" was an all out funky version, while "Red House" was your classic blues approach with Gerry Joe playing guitar behind his back. It has all been said before that "Gerry Joe Weise pays complete respect to Hendrix via personal interpretations", and that sums up well the originality and musicality he infused into that night's performance. After a short intermission, Noel Redding came out in an astral long sleeve t-shirt and a black vest with gold symbols looking quite flashy. He gave a speech then strapped on a battered 60's Fender Jazz bass, turned up the Marshall bass amp stack to full-on and belted into a spirited "Killing Floor" as the crowd went wild. It certainly sounded like the Experience, it just goes to show how important Noel was for the Experience sound. Jimi's genius along with an excellent rhythm sound from Redding and Mitchell created one of the best unique sounds in rock history. Noel Redding was strutting around the stage effortlessly with difficult songs like "Come On" and "Manic Depression", looking like Noel Redding of 30 years ago when he was only 20. Kathy Etchingham and her husband, Candis (Noel's lady), Gerry Joe Weise and Etienne Keith were all floored, standing near Noel behind the curtain. He certainly had given it everything he could for Jimi.Backstage after the concert with Noel Redding and Kathy Etchingham, one could swear that at any moment, Jimi would come walking through the door. (M.Thevenin, Voodoo Child US Fanzine)
Gerry Joe Weise, the Australian guitarist who has been touring Europe every year since 1980, has outstandingly impressed hundreds of festival audiences, with his sky-soaring-outstretched-fiery-blues-bonanza, a real guitar hero in the making! He is forever touring and isn't afraid of tough audiences, which he seduces quite easily, doing what he does best, that is : bringing the Blues to town, 'Australian style'! (Tom Nolwen, Blues Mag)
The five concerts given by Gerry Joe Weise and his trio were a great success. Apart from the blues fans, many musicians of note, dropped-in to check out the hot Australian guitarist who played incredible blues solos during the five nights. Some musicians braved-it by going up on stage for a jam-session. The most memorable one was Wednesday night by Mickey Finn (Heavy Metal Kids, Jimmy Page, Nino Ferrer, Higelin), where Finn and Weise jammed on "Honky Tonk Women" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash" to perfection : you had the feeling that Mick Jagger would drop-in at any moment. You have to give credit to Gerry Joe Weise and his original brand of Australian Northern Territory and Tex-Mex mix of spiced guitar solos with vocals, and arrangements of original and classic blues. (Jack Manhattan, Blues Magazine)
Another expat bluesman, this time from Sydney, is Gerry Joe Weise. Over the last 20 years he's played internationally with great musicians, such as John Lee Hooker, B.B.King Albert Collins, Eric Clapton and Noel Redding. His guitar playing, which combines tight blues riffs with a lyrical edge, has great original quality. (Ken Moore, The Voice)
When I went down to see Gerry Joe Weise, I was expecting a whole lot of traditional blues, which he executed on a small scale, the major part though, were their exciting new originals. (Juan Torres, Periodico Barcelona)
At the Blues Festival this weekend, Gerry Joe Weise performed breathtaking guitar and vocals, with a great homage to Hound Dog Taylor. He's a legend in the making. (Sue Cranwood, Daily Express)
Outrageous contemporary blues rock guitar, Gerry Joe Weise has many techniques up his sleeve : slide, fingerpicking, different open tunings, you name it, he can play it well! He is definitely a top-notch bluesman. (John McMahon, Morning Herald)
Amazing, fiery soul from the desert, sprinkling of distorted mountain rock mixed with tears in your face ocean blues, shaked, squeezed, shuffled, until the tunes can bear it no more, that is Gerry Joe Weise's Aussie recipe! (Roger Doulles, Southern Time Blues)
Gerry Joe Weise is back with an album of Blues Rock and sounds of traditional World Music from Australia, where he was born. With excellent guitars, and songs like "Dreamtime Shuffle", "Broken Hill Blues", and "Kiama Beach Jamboree", which are my favorites. (Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag Magazine)
The Kitty O'Sheas Thursday Blues Club in Darwin was another successful night of blues by the house band led by Gerry Joe Weise. The Englishman Victor Brox of Ansley Dunbar celebrity, and his musicians, dropped in for the ritual jamming with the house band. Apparently Gerry Joe Weise has jammed before with Victor Brox in Bordeaux on the French coastline. Another satisfying evening of rhythm and blues at the O'Sheas. (Suellen Hinde, Northern Territory News)
Direct from kangaroo country Australia, won't be their Rugby team, but definitely one of Australia's finest guitarists : Gerry Joe Weise. The same country that exported AC/DC and Midnight Oil. Gerry Joe Weise will be performing in a power trio with ex Savoy Brown drummer, Keith Boyce. Five hot nights of Australian power Blues on the Champs Elysees in Paris! (Magic Blues)
The Gerry Joe Weise Duo with bandmate John on bass, gave us a fair impression of what he has been up to on the European tours over the last few years. Down to earth blues, funky rock rhythms, Texas shuffles, and different local themes from the Outback, his "Broken Hill Blues" comes straight out of New South Wales. The concert given at the Dinah Beach Yacht Club in Frances Bay, on the sunny outdoor quayside, accentuates Gerry Joe's penchant for rocking the blues. (Darwin Top End News)
Gerry Joe Weise, blues guitarist and vocalist, who has played with B.B.King, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins and Eric Clapton, has embarked on his "Darwin Outback Tour", 46 concert dates so far, and a blues bordering on the crossroads of rock and country. Acclaimed by the press, he has released several albums of note, and will be presenting his special brand of Aussie blues at the Wayside Inn on the Stuart Highway, in Dunmarra. (Dunmarra News)
Gerry Joe Weise completely illuminated by the blues, is on a mission to spread the word, or should I say the music. In fact he is touring Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and Portugal with his power blues. Gerry Joe is known in both circles, that is in traditional and modern fusion blues, where anything goes, which is just what he is committed to. (Tageszeitung Innsbruck)
Gerry Joe Weise and his brother Rick fresh out of Australia on drums, played at the Gibus Club, just a little before midnight, to a real wild crowd. Blonde haired American girls rushed the stage at the end of the concert screaming for more! The audience, not just warm in manner, but over enthusiastically crammed the venue to take a peak at Paris' up-and-coming new blues guitar hero from Australia. Gerry Joe Weise has been touring France for a couple of years now and hasn't ceased to astound blues supporters, his live concerts are magical events, gaining him an army of devotees across the country. The Australian played originals and covers, a little Stones and Hendrix, but lots of Albert King, Freddie King, and B.B.King (who Gerry Joe has jammed with). The trio has a great stage act with lots of energetic drumming from Gerry Joe's brother Rick. When asked what he thought of the night's concert, Gerry Joe Weise exclaimed, "Now I know why this place is one of the Police's first favorite gigs !" Apparently Gerry Joe played the night before at the Mille Club in Orsay, their next Paris concert will be at the Country Golf Club in St Cloud. Don't miss this trio when they come to your town. (Kevin Mahieu, The Mag)
If you haven't seen Gerry Joe Weise's new act, you certainly have to catch him next at the Biker's. His recent tour concerts have had a lot of success with rock-blues consumers across Germany. (Süddeutsche Munich)
Without a doubt, Gerry Joe Weise is an excellent guitarist, with proven skills, feeling and always precise. Gerry Joe Weise is a true bluesman! (Jacques Périn, Soul Bag)
Gerry Joe Weise has the know-how to keep the blues alive while boiling the Kelvin scale in a rock attitude. Damn right he has the essence of the blues at his fingertips. (K.C., Tagblatt Kolding)

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