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I was born and raised in Louisiana. I grew up in a Southern Baptist family and started singing in church choirs at an early age. I also heard a lot of southern R & B, soul, and blues music on the radio that influenced my musical development. I learned piano and then picked up the guitar as a teenager.

I also developed a love of bass fishing on the beautiful lakes around northeast Louisiana and east Texas. I started playing music professionally in the 1970's. After starting a family, though, I decided I needed a little more steady income and went back to school to learn electronics.

 I became a computer test engineer with a company in Colorado. At the same time I was still playing guitar in a blues band and playing guitar and bass in the worship band at my church. A few years ago, I lost my job due to company downsizing and decided to promote my music full time. I started a music publishing company called PWCarr Music.

I learned computer recording technology and released 2 CDs of my songs. My music now gets airplay on internet radio stations worldwide. photo by Ann Nightingale And That, my friends, is how I got into internet marketing. A pastor in Tasmania heard my music on the radio, got in touch with me, and told me about My Power Mall. Since then, I've learned a lot about networking and found some great companies to work with. I've also been ripped off, scammed, and otherwise "learned the hard way."

I feel like I know enough now to give some pretty good advice on what might be a good opportunity and what to avoid like the plague. My best advice would be to do diligent research on any company before getting involved. Find one that is well established, then learn everything you can about how to build it. Don't jump on every new and amazing "do-nothing-and-get-rich-quick" program that comes along. People will find out fast if you are a program jumper, and you only ruin your credibility. Develop relationships and trust first.

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