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Steve was born in Stockholm in 1947. At the age of four he and his parents moved to Scania, the southern tip of Sweden. He soon found his roots there and has stayed there ever since. When he first discovered rock 'n roll and blues music was in 1956 when the Swedish radio stations played songs by Bill Haley and Muddy Waters. Steve was overwhelmed by the music and has been ever since. He persuaded his father to buy a guitar when he was nine years old.
Just two years later, eleven years old, he made his debut as a rock singer at a local amateur song contest. He played the guitar and sang with a home made English accent, tunes by Elvis Presley and Tommy Steel.

The well known Swedish musician Steve Grahn from Malmoe Sweden, who made his musical debut in the late 1950, has always had the blues as a driving force. Though he, through all those years, has been playing much different kind of musical genres, he is now back were it all started, with the Blues. And nowadays he mostly prefer to play soft and laidback acoustic blues and country blues.
Steve Grahn is not only known as a very active musician. He also has been the driving force in starting associations of music and culture in the region. The latest in line is the Malmoe-Copenhagen Blues Connexion, which today has become one of the biggest blues associations in Sweden. Steve is the chairman of MCBC.
On his musical side, he is now highly topical with an acoustic guitar duo that plays traditional delta and folk blues together with the guitarist and dobro player Mattias Malm. Steve and Mattias have recently released their first duo album "That's Alright".


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That's Allright

Steve Grahn & Mattias Malm

Steve Grahn




Three Studs & a Stone

Live at the Blue Boat

Three Studs & a Stone

Ain't No Blues On My Radio



Steve talking to

 Buddy Guy
at his club Blues Legends.
Chicago May 2008. 

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