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Flook has always been celebrated for their organic, fluid and brilliantly innovative all-acoustic fusion of Irish folklore with modern and trans-national rhythms. What really makes them extraordinary, however, is the way their sound emerges from a sixth sense, allowing band members to communicate on a subliminal level. There is an uncanny interplay between the players; each seems to respond not only to what is presently being heard but also to as-yet-unvoiced impulses. Even when performing sets they have interpreted many times before, inspiration leaps between them like multi-hued tongues of flame and long-familiar tunes become utterly transformed, fresh and new. Back in 2008 with new tunes and a daring new addition to their line-up, 2006's BBC Folk Band of the Year will continue to blaze a trail with their cool and funky take on traditional music.



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Flook est un groupe irlandais qui a su, avec une grande maîtrise, apporter un caractère moderne à la musique traditionnelle irlandaise.

Ce groupe particulier, qui a reçu le prix de groupe Folk de l’année en 2006, possède un atout assez rare : les musiciens parviennent à communiquer de manière que l’on peut appeler subliminale ce qui engendre une magie peu commune et surtout un jeu sans cesse renouvelé, au gré de leur sixième sens et ce, même pour un morceau exécuté des dizaines de fois..

Une formation atypique qui s’est imposée de manière fracassante en Irlande , en Angleterre…et ailleurs !



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