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JOHN MILLER was a founding member of Glasgow's (probably UK's) finest Country band RADIO SWEETHEARTS. Following two successful albums, "NEW MEMORIES" and "LONESOME BLUE" and numerous compilation album, TV and Radio appearances, including two Peel sessions, the Sweethearts split due to individual work commitments. Miller then struck out on his own solo career eventually forming his COUNTRY CASUALS. He made two critically acclaimed and moderately successful solo albums for the Spit & Polish label (a division of Shoeshine Records, home of Laura Cantrell, Paul Burch, Jason Ringenberg, etc). The first CD "POPPING PILLS" was given rave reviews, including 5 star Spotlight status in the UK's leading Country Music People magazine, and the second "ONE EXCUSE TOO MANY" was nominated for Album Of The Year at the UK Country Radio Awards. John Miller has toured extensively throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. He has made live and radio appearances in the USA on both the East and West coast. He has also written songs which have been recorded by other artists, among them UK folk darling Kate Rusby ("Radio Sweethearts", also recorded by US singer Sheila Noonan). He has also appeared on albums by BMX Bandits, John Herald, Battlefield Band, and others. He has worked as a backing singer, rythmn guitarist and/or band leader for a variety of acts including Rosie Flores, Laura Cantrell, Ben Vaughn, John Herald, Chip Taylor, Tom Armstrong, Doug Hoekstra, Battlefield Band and many others. Currently without record company backing he returned from a self-enforced extended musical break to test the waters with a series of shows in January '07. The following year he completed a short European tour in the company of his old friend Tom Armstrong. Another European Tour, this time with another friend, the wonderful 'Misisipi' Mike Wolf, will take place in March/April 2009 (see dates above). After that? Well, who knows. CHUCK STAINES



"JOHN MILLER est le membre fondateur de RADIO SWEETHEARTS, le meilleur groupe country du pays de Glasgow (probablement du Royaume Unis tout entier!). Après deux fabuleux albums, une foulée de concerts, d'apparitions radio & TV ... RADIO SWEETHEARTS split pour diverses raisons individuelles au sein du groupe. John Miller alors, avec Malcolm McMaster (Sweethearts steel) fondent COUNTRY CASUALS.

 Ils signent rapidement sur le label Shoeshine Records, label de Laura Cantrell, Paul Burch, Jason Ringenberg, etc ... Son second album "ONE EXCUSE TOO MANY" sera même nommé album de l'année country en UK. Hors europe, John miller a également fait quelques scènes aux Usa ainsi que des prestations radios dans ce même pays.


John Miller apparaitra régulièrement avec des artistes comme Rosie Flores, Laura Cantrell, Ben Vaughn, John Herald, Chip Taylor, Tom Armstrong, Doug Hoekstra, Battlefield Band et beaucoup d'autres. Une pure maîtrise parfaite de la country.

A son actif, une tournée européenne en 2007 puis une nouvelle fois en 2008 et il se produira avec Mike Wolf  en mars/avril 2009.






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