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 As a little tow headed kid in Idaho, I learned that music could breathe life into a tired body and bring a smile to your face. Picture a young man and his wife with five little boys. Dad comes home from a twelve hour day in the woods; Mom is exhausted from keeping up with the kids. After dinner, Dad sits down to rest and Mom gets to work on the dishes, a country song comes on the radio and Dad jumps up, pulls Mom away from the sink and begins to dance her around the room. Soon the kids are dancing around the room laughing. My aunt and uncle moved next door to us and they both played guitar and sang. Every Saturday night we would all go to the local grange. Getting as close to the band as I could, I would sit quietly and listen, while the other kids ran around raising Cain. It wasn't long until I coaxed Aunt Kate and Uncle Ellis to teach me how to play guitar and sing. Carrying that big ole Hollow Body Guitar to school was worth the effort; I knew the kids would hoist me up in the window sill and listen to me sing and play during recess. During high school I played in a band and for a short time I moved over to Rock and Roll because that's what everyone wanted to hear. I studied music in high school and college. I was into sports but music remained my true passion. When I went into the Navy, I switched back to Country. Times out to sea were quite lonely and boring so a few of us would drag out our guitars and entertain the troops. Upon return from the Navy I met and married my wife; right from the start she encouraged me to sing whenever I got the chance. I was driving log truck so I got some of my logging buddies together and we formed a band. I kept my day job but sure sang my heart out on the weekends. It was fun traveling around and playing at the different Honky Tonks. Once we added the first little guy to our family, I knew my dream of making a living with my music would have to wait. While working on the Alaska Pipeline in the early 70's, I lived at several different camps. Livng at the camps, days were long and we worked seven days a week. Camp life was boring so I found myself playing guitar and singing for all the guys and gals, stirring up old memories and breaking out the smiles. After I got back from Alaska, I got my band together again and we played for several years. I wrote a couple of songs and tried them out at different places we played. People seemed to enjoy them and always sang along. We added a second little guy to our family and life was full with working, being a Dad, and of course, playing in my band. We had to move to Wyoming to help my Father in his business as he was having some health challenges. I hated to leave my band but I felt an obligation to help my folks out. It wasn't long after I got to Wyoming, I got another band together and we also played together for several years. We played the Honky Tonks around Wyoming, Utah, and became the house band for the local race track. Summer was very busy with playing at Wyoming Downs three times over the weekends and at the local pub every night as well. It was during that time that my band got to open for Chris LeDuex....now that was an exciting time! During this time I also taught a few classes on (The History Of Country Music) at Green River Community College at Green River Wyoming. When business died down in Wyoming, we moved to Washington State. I traded my logging clothes in for a suit and tie and my new day job was in administration at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA. Once again, I got a few friends together to form a band and we still play in our local area. I guess you could say I have dedicated most of my life to my family but I still sing and play whenever I get the chance. I thought I was too old to record my music, but through a twist of fate, I met Lonnie Ratliff. I decided to follow my dream and record my songs in Nashville. Recording was everything I dreamed of all my life and then some! I am proud of the CD we produced and I hope my songs will breathe life into tired bodies and bring smiles to the faces of those who listen.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me ,

 Mike Anderson Country Drifter

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