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"Think David Gray, think Nick Drake. It's no exaggeration to say that this Leicester lad has Premiership talent. He officially "Think David Gray, think Nick Drake. It's no exaggeration to say that this Leicester lad has Premiership talent. He officially launches his album at the Musician in Clyde Street, Leicester, tomorrow night at 8.30pm. If you think 'local - can't be THAT good' you'd be wrong. This striking album shows what a capable artist David is. So many tracks here deserve attention, but listen out for 'I've Found You', which is irresistible." From the Leicester Mercury 2005 China on Paper Planes CD review ****

"As with most venue promoters I am sent numerous demos from would be artists, many of which are of high quality. It is rare, to say the least that I receive one that blows me away. This was certainly the case when I first heard "China on Paper Planes" by Leicester born singer/songwriter David Wyatt. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing up through-out most of the tracks, which display a musical maturity and depth of sound, that portrays professional quality second to none. I have since been fortunate to have witnessed David Wayatt and his band live. It is encouraging to see this quality maintained within his live performances. David has a powerful stage presence accompanined by a solid back line of professional musicians, this combined with his awesome voice with a four and a half octave range gives a show that mesmerises it's audience. David Wyatt is a man to look out for, his reputation is beginning to build as more and more people hear his album or are fortunate enough to catch him live. It is only a matter of time before a big record label signs him. He certainly is a star in waiting." Nick Ladlow, Guildhall/Cathedral Venue Promoter.

"I slid off to the Chill Out stage, to sit in the decorated dark cool room, watching the mirrorball splash light over the paintings of mushrooms and abstract art on the walls while David Wyatt sang and played some truly beautifully crafted songs". From www.efestivals.co.uk

"David Wyatt will almost certainly find himself branded as Britpop, a special folk-roots brand informed and influenced by key singer-songwriters; two generations of Buckleys, Nick Drake and most recently, David Gray and Damien Rice. China On Paper Planes is the moderately pretentious title of his debut album, a well-balanced collection of deeply personal songs covering the majority of the singer-songwriter bases. Love, tolerance and innocence all claim their allocated spaces on the lyric sheet, though nothing is too obvious and Wyatt wraps the majority of his words deep within shrouds of concealment, and delivers them with a voice which skips octaves with ease without ever being too showy. My favourite track is “Daisy”, arguably the simplest song on the record, and a throwback to the Southern Californian troubadour days of the early 70s. Backed by a supremely talented band, with a wealth of experience throughout the music biz - bass player Neil Segrott is both Ryan Adams and Jay Farrar’s soundman of choice when they hit this part of the world - Wyatt is possibly only one breakthrough song and a chunk of good fortune away from the big time. A serious debut." - Rob Forbes from www.nighttimes.com




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