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At first I learned to walk, then ride my bike and after that I started to write songs; now I write songs while riding my bike (yes I'm being silly). What I'm saying is, I like writing songs and playing them - it makes me happy.
If you like acoustic, bluesy contemporary folk and alternative country style songs of love, heartbreak and the Scottish weather - you should find something to your taste here.


On These Dark Nights Buy the CD



"A truly inspirational collection of memorable melodies, 'the handles broken on my cup' being the most difficult to shake off, when other things require your attention!"

Michael Hart

"On these dark nights" is one of my favourite albums this year

Jan Byker

15 /august 2009 15:00 Innerleithen festival - Scottish Borders Scottish Borders

16/ august2009 15:00 16th August Canal Festival Linlithgow Linlithgow, Scotland

21/ august 2009 20:00 Moniaive Guitar Festival Moniaive Guitar Festival, Scotland

22 / august 2009 20:00 Moniaive Guitar Festival Moniaive, Scotland

23 / august 2009 20:00 Acoustic Aragon Glasgow, Scotland

12 / september. 2009 15:00 Linlithgow folk festival Linlithgow, Scotland

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