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 Jim Byrne is a singer and songwriter from Glasgow influenced by americana, folk, country and blues music (with pop and punk thrown in for good measure).
He began his musical career in Dexter Slim and the Pickups - a popular live group in Glasgow during the 1980s. They were a punk country band; perhaps the only punk country band to come out of Glasgow (or anywhere else). They were great fun - regularly whipping their audience into a mess of drunken pogo energy; it's fair to say that Dexter Slim were a good accompaniment to a drink. They had many members over the years - former Pickups are scattered across more than one country. Early members include Derek McPherson (vocals), John Hardy (Bass) and Bruce Ferguson (Drums).
The usual stories relating to young bands were played out while playing with Dexter Slim and the Pickups, i.e. fights on and off the stage (and particularly in the van), band members over-indulging, camping out in promoters premises when the failed to pay, and failing to find venues they were booked to play; none of the band members having any sense of direction.
Dexter Slim and Pickups evolved into the Hemingways - a 90s bluesy guitar pop band. There is a Hemingways compilation to be found on Lastfm;. The Hemingways played more musically sophisticated songs. Briefly the Hemingsways became Hyperstar - releasing one CD of songs; songs that were a bit more awkward and angular than the Hemingways previous output.
Despite the comings and goings of different band members over the years, the mainstays of many of these musical lineups included the drummer Bruce Ferguson, bass player Peter Byrne and guitarist David Rogers.
After Hyperstar came Loris - indie rock music - and a return to being a great live band. Loris combined the talents of Jim, his brother Peter on bass and Bruce Ferguson on Drums - and played and recorded for five years. Plenty of good songs came out of the collaboration and plenty of great gigs.
When not playing in his own bands he occasionally worked as a guitar for hire - most notably in the Primevals - a 'rockmungous!' swamp rock band from Glasgow - who toured with the Cramps and put out numerous great albums; none of which coincide with Jim's time in the band - his contribution is confined to a few recorded songs and a single.
Which brings us up to date; Jim is now a solo artist which ironically means he collaborates with lots of different people as well as playing solo gigs. As a solo artist Jim has found his voice - and his stride as a songwriter and live performer. Jim's acoustic music is influenced by a huge variety of artists and eras - including pre-war blues players, contemporary folk, modern Americana and old-style country music.



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