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Man Of Constant Sorrow   
Blurry Photograph   

Born A Genius

"This City" Now available
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April 27/09: "Going Away" is at number two on the male vocal chart at RADIOSIX.COM In rotation at RADIOSIX INTERNATIONAL (Glasgow, Scotland)

"Le Cadre Photo" is currently #1 on the charts at IACMUSIC.COM... That's the french version of

"Blurry Photograph" translated and sung by Chrystelle Nammour of Paris, France

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Comments (13)

1. Rosy 11/07/2009

Très bon musicien et une voix renversante!

2. Moi 10/06/2009

THANKS for making me "Choice Du Jour", Arpege!

3. Cathy 09/06/2009

le choix du jour est bon
ce musicien a du talent

4. ben 20/05/2009

Incroyable, Amasing, when you listen a singer like that you want to say where are the producers!
I hope the best for you and "lucky" me to know where you are now!
Ben london

5. the wolf (link) 14/05/2009

I think that I've the permission to leave a message here !

I repeat : "Born a Genious" is brilliant !

6. Pat Carr (link) 13/05/2009

Howdy John,

Good to see and hear you again here.


7. dan webster (link) 28/04/2009

Hi John,

Lovin' your sound! She must of played in the Pavilion or the Grand Hotel the latter being run down in recent years. (it was a Butlins for a bit) My family were fishing in Scarborough at that time maybe they met. What a little planet we live on!


8. John (link) 28/04/2009

Bonjour Alexis! Merci bien! I'm glad my songs make you want to listen. That's a big compliment. I'm planning my next CD and I think it's going to be all blues. I'll aim to release it early in 2010.

9. Alexis 27/04/2009

Hi Mr John Pippus !
GREAT MUSIC, I love your songs, I find that they're very nice and something that makes want to listen =)
( sorry if there're mistakes, I'm French =) )

10. John 23/04/2009

Thanks Frank. Merci. Glad you like "This City". It means a lot to get comments like your's.

11. Frank 23/04/2009

Excellent musique et voix
this city pour moi

12. John Pippus (link) 21/04/2009

Thanks Arpege for putting this site together. Much appreciated...
Angelique, merci pour 'les bon mots'.
"My First Mistake" was written in the last year of the Bush administration when there was more paranoia and less hope in the air. I don't set out to be a political songwriter, but when the music suggests certain themes that go in that direction,I go with that feeling.

13. Angelique 20/04/2009

Je n'en reviens pas de la qualité des artistes que vous avez sur ce site!

Formidable john Pippus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!je suis sous le charme de "my first mistake"

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