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Stephen likes:

Crosby,Stills & Nash
Neil Young
Dan Fogelburg
Emerson,Lake & Palmer
Cat Stevens
Gordon Lightfoot
John Prine
James Taylor
The Eagles
Don McLean
David Gates
The Beach Boys

Bob Lind
The Beatles
John Lennon
The Doors
Moody Blues
Pink Floyd
Boz Scaggs
Arlo Guthrie
Kris Kristofferson
Pete Seeger
Peter Yarrow
Johnny Cash

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The new album "Nursery Rhyme" (The Very Best of Stephen Reid) is currently being arranged and will be going to production very soon. The album will contain my best loved songs from my last 3 albums which are, "Trying To Catch The Breeze", New Shoes" and UnMedicated. There will also be new material mixed into the compilation. Normally, I would never produce an album of more than 10 tracks however, "Nursery Rhyme" will be between 15 - 20 tracks.



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