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Stephen Reid has a wonderful sense of narrative, his songs feel like vignettes of life. They touch on what makes people people, faith, emotions, thoughts.
As well as his wordsmithing, Stephen Reid also has a voice capable of doing the songs justice.
His voice has the rich mellowness of Autumn. It's a voice that's been lived in and acquired a resonance along the way. The simple guitar backing is all the songs need.
"Unmedicated" sounds right, the songs are well phrased and paced, always something for you to listen to, to imagine. A powerful album that leaves you wanting more....

Stephen's talent in vocals and his overall songwriting ability is terrific. The way the melodies of his songs flow are some of the best that I have heard in years. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen before one of his performances in the USA, and I must say that it was the highlight of my evening. Stephen is an Artist whose professionalism is outstanding .
He also has an unbelieveable sense of humor, and has such a wonderful outlook on life and the human condition that I find very rare in people these days.
It shows in the way he performs and in the way he presents himself in general.
I am HONORED to know such a great Artist and proudly call him my friend, and I think you all should as well.. Kenny Colgate- President - (Romulus X Records)


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