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AVALANCHE is defined by Webster's as: "an unstoppable natural force"...and this all-original rock band certainly seems to fit that definition...overcoming the odds to produce some of the very best original hard rock anywhere! With an unorthodox strategy for success in 1978 (which included 18 months of intense rehearsals, their own record label, $75,000.00 worth of state-of-the-art stage gear, and a record on over a dozen New England radio stations for three months...all before ever playing a live gig) AVALANCHE's debut show was attended by over 3500 people..and the band was immediately playing to sold-out shows and standing room only crowds wherever they appeared. Within a month after their first gig, AVALANCHE was headlining in large club venues, and shortly after that, the band was opening tour dates and sharing concert stages on AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" tour, as well as with DERRINGER, and THE PAT TRAVERS BAND. They were also considered as a tour opener for TOTO's First U.S. Tour. A tight and well rehearsed rock-n-roll machine...this band did whatever was necessary to bring studio-quality hard rock to the live-concert stage...and they did it without the support of a major record label. Now recording again, with all the surviving members of the original lineup...here is the first new AVALANCHE music in over twenty years...as well as some of their old music too, (most of the recordings have never been available before). AVALANCHE continues to defy the odds with their staying power and persistence...and by remaining "unstoppable"...they are here NOW....for you to sample and enjoy!

Avalanche ~ The Road Less Travelled/Deeply/The Golden Sun
Keeping the rock torch up and burning brightly has fallen to several groups over the years but to my mind none of them have filled the bill as meatily as Avalanche. Rock from the old school, red in tooth and claw, from a bunch of guys with enough actual experience to float a thousand 'rock schools.' American rock, in all its gory glory and then some
Steve Gilmore.....London, U.K

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Comments (4)

1. Pat Carr (link) 24/05/2009

Glad to see you guys here.


2. Michael Foster 23/05/2009

All of us in Avalanche really think this is a great new site...and we very flattered and happy to be a part of it.

I want to peronally thank Arpege for all his hard work in setting up our page...it looks great...and for all the new Avalanche listeners out there...we say..."Welcome...and we hope you enjoy the music."

Keep On Rocking!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

3. Mark Easton (link) 23/05/2009

Thanks for inviting us here. Great site! Keep on ROCKIN!!!

4. Patrick 22/05/2009

Un groupe original et que j'apprécie !
Des découvertes sur ce site!

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