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  Hey my name is Danny Allen and up and coming singer/songwriter from Cambridge i'm a passionate musician i play a few instruments including the guitar, piano and even the old banjo lol my granddad gave me it i have to say i love the sound. "I grew up listening to my dads rock and roll records like Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Buddy Holly. That really got me hooked on music. My dad also introduced me to Motown and Sam Cooke. When i decided to learn guitar the first song I learned to play was Johnny B. Goode it took me ages. I then got in to the Beatles and the bands of the 60's like the Kinks and The Beach Boys That inspired me to start singing and writing my own songs. I was still listening to bands of the time like Oasis, Blur, the Stereophonics and Coldplay had just come on the scene. Coldplay have been been a big influence on my music. I had always been aware of Bob Dylan but it wasn't till I actually went and brought Blood on the tracks i got in to his music. I think that he changed the way i thought about songs maybe the way I thought about the world". I love to perform and play live in fount of an audience it's the best feeling. It comes second only to writing and creating a song from nothing. I don't really no where they come from but they come it can take ages or just a few minutes. I don't really like to over think so i just let it form. I suppose its a process starting with an idea and ending with something that resembles a song (sometimes) lol. i love to sing i'm not the best but i put in the hours and i'm always trying to improve cos thats what life is all about making mistakes then learning from them, trying to better yourself. Well thats what I try and do, so i welcome your criticisms as long as there constructive my aim is to be the best at what i do. I hope you enjoy the music





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