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Lasse Jonsson

I've been writing and playing music for 30 years now and as the technology became better and cheaper I have practiced the difficult task to produce as well.I try to sing, play guitar, bass, keyboard, bluesharp and sometimes a little bit of drums as well, but what I really like is to work with other people on my tunes.

The studio
My studio contains of BigBeat digidrums, Cort bass, ESP electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez ArtCore, Supreme accoustic-electric spanish guitar, and my 25 years old Yamaki Acoustic western guitar equipped with a LR Baggs pickup. Roland EP70 piano, Korg M1 and Roland D50 Keyboard. For the guitars and bass I use Line6 UX1 and PODfarm.

The studio is a Pentium 4x2,4GHZ with a EMU 0404 soundcard, a Behringer mixer, nEar 05 monitors, Soundking condensator microphone and Behringer microphone preamp. I am recording in Cubase and spice it up with some plugins and virtual instruments. In other words - reasonable payable things. But you can get far with that. I hope you agree with me once you've heard one of my productions.

Lasse has collaborated on Soundclick with

Vocals/Backing Vocals: Gry, Anne, Kevin Rosenberger, Christina Woods, Lekzee, Jude Law, Christian Jensen, Daniel Svensson, Svenni Bjorgvin, Jenny Liptrot, Claus A.
Drums.: Ole, Mads, me and Mr. EZ
Guitarsolos.: Eldin, Paul Barny, Steve Belong, Morten Gjermundsen, Paul Oakley, Bruce "The Swampman", Carlos Caranza, Finn Frost, Michael, Duran, Mike Marshall.
Guitar synth.: Michael Duran, Paul Barnes.
Synth.: Bobby Mack, Jacob Bank.
Bass.: Barry Kettery, Rowel.
Flute.: Carlo D'Ana, Dale Kaul
Violin.: Andre Enriquez
Songwriter/Producer.: Svenni Bjorgvin
Lyrics.: Lekzee, Jude Law, Joyce Davis, Christian Jensen, Claus A.

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