Stevie Doherty - Biography-


     A 'very' brief biog! A professional musician in his native Scotland ’for as long as I can remember!’ Stevie played almost every gig from the Borders to John o’ Groats ’or maybe it just feels that way!’ A call from a good friend at Glasgows’ Radio Clyde led to an incredible chance to audition for AC/DC after the death of Bon Scott. Stevie didn’t get the job ’but hey I got to sing with ACDC how cool is that?’ His own band Strangeways were then signed to a Canadian record label giving them the chance to work with top producers like Kevin Elson (Journey) amongst others. A couple of years later Stevie went on to co-form ‘Zero Zero’ who came closer than the proverbial gnats’ to landing a deal with Atlantic records in New York. It didn’t work out ‘but that’s showbiz!’ While in Zero Zero Stevie was asked to audition for, and got the job side!)


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