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Rock and Roll saviors? Maybe not. Keepers of the flame? Absolutely! The Dudes Terrific, a five piece outfit out of Nashville, are on a mission to bring rock and roll back to the forefront of the American music scene. With a pedigree that is firmly rooted in the blues, country, and the early decades of rock, The Dudes Terrific deliver the kind of new music that hasn’t been heard in quite some time. With a love of riff and melody, lyric and hook, The Dudes Terrific sound is fresh but familiar, raw to refined, and always entertaining. It is the kind of music that makes you want to roll down the windows, crank up the volume and hit the gas!

Their debut album “Born Yesterday”, released in late 2008 and now newly re-mixed and re-mastered in 2009, is a collection of songs that runs the gamut from 70’s hard rock (She Gives Me The Shakes, Rush, Getaway), to Heartbreakers’esque (She Never Thinks About Me, Born Yesterday), to progressive (Brilliant Moonbeam, Silently). All fans of straight ahead, American rock and roll, will find this record to be a “must have” for their collection. With the combination of guitars played through vintage Fender amps, Hammond B-3 through a Leslie, a rhythm section that is easily comparable to Watts and Wyman, and harmonies that blend together like one voice, The Dudes Terrific achieve that rare combination of great music, great lyrics and great performances on their first album, “Born Yesterday”.Enjoy!

Born Yesterday was recorded in seven days during the months of May and June, 2008. The sessions took place at Eastwood Studios in Nashville, TN and were engineered by studio owner Eric Fritsch. The Dudes in question are: Matt Goedken (guitar/vocals), Doug Forshey (vocals/guitar), Michael Jeffers (bass), Ruben Garces (drums/percussion) and Reginald Bradley Smith (keyboards). The album was mixed and mastered by J. M. Stichnoth at 1st Church of Groove, Davenport, IA. Photography was courtesy of Terri Cannon. Album design & layout by Jere Carr Jr.

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